Your event. All in one.

From Event Management, to Hardware Rental to full Broadcast Production, we've got it covered.

With over 15 years event delivery experience, working with many well known brands in the gaming industry & beyond, you may have visited one of our events and not even know it!

Event Management

Press Events

With many years experience of creating press events for the likes of EA, Trion Worlds and IGN, we know what makes smaller press events work.

Game Launches

Thanks to our years of experience in game server hosting and development, we know games. We can work with you to ensure your game launch is right for your audience.

eSports Tournaments

Having given away over £500k over the last decade, we know how to run tournaments. Just look at the Insomnia Gaming Festival. From small invitationals to huge free to play tournaments, we can deliver.


Need someone to manage your exhibition, liaise with exhibitors & venue's? Look no further. With years of exhibition experience, big or small, we know what you need.


We understand games, and more importantly gamers. That's why we know what makes a convention work for those attending. Minecon 2012 is a perfect example of this. Let us create your perfect convention!

Hardware Rental

Broadcast Production